How To Build Steps Up A Hill

Jeanie and I searched high and low to find a way to build the steps up the hill from the creek to the lodge with no success.  We thought others might appreciate seeing our final solution.

Here's how we built the steps up the hill from
Rock Creek at Lost Stirrup Lodge.

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Getting Started

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Following The Hill Important!

Use at least a 2' level and a big framing square.  Make sure the sides are square with the front and that every piece is level.  Keeping everything level and square will make the steps "flow" up the hill and be aesthetically pleasing.

Get the first step set correctly and all the rest will naturally follow suit.  Continue checking with your level and square.

Ready To Fill
Hauling The Fill
Dumping The Fill
Tamping The Fill

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Comments and Pictures

Hi there!
I just wanted to thank you for the advice posted on your website regarding how to build steps up a hill.  It was initially suggested to us (by some seasoned do-it-yourselfers) that we use large cinder block as steps, but I was concerned that weathering of the hill would eventually render such steps uneven.  We bought our house in December, and the existing steps consisted of simple rock tiles, precariously placed, and quite wobbly. The new steps we built from your suggestions are very sturdy and I expect will last for years to come.  I have attached 2 pictures of our steps. The first was our progress after day one, whereby my husband very much wanted to "throw in the towel" and hire someone to build the rest for us. The second picture is of the completed steps.  We ended up filling the steps with rubber mulch, since my nephew is fond of playing on the hill (we built a little makeshift water slide for him for the summer) so that he could walk up the hill barefoot.  Anyway, just wanted to express my gratitude for your excellent advice in building steps.

Sincerely, JT, CA


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